Alan’s Silver Diablo SL wheelset

Alan wanted light and affordable, with a tweak of personality. That’s what he got with his made to order “Silver Surfer” Diablo SL wheelset. At a verified 1390g, these are light and strong. . The all silver look provides a touch of retro with its silver SL hubs, silver niobium 27mm rims, silver Sapim Laser spokes and silver alloy and brass nipples.   The front wheel, with its cross-one lacing and minimal 66g front ultralight hub looks fantastic! These replace tired old wheels with dry scratchy bearings and worn out brake surfaces.  Enjoy!



Andrew’s Campy Hurricane Wheelset

Andrew was looking for a lighter wheelset to replace his rather hefty traditional 32 hole Ambrosio wheelset. A diehard Campagnolo fan, Andrew recently upgraded to 2011 Campagnolo Super Record components. At just 1493 grams for 24f/28r 30mm semi-aero wheelset, the weight loss continues with his new Campy-compatible all-black Hurricane wheelset.

Tom’s custom Alchemy/NoTubes wheelset

Tom wanted an very light climbing wheelset for his 2011 Trek 6.9 Project One.  These are an honest 1265 grams for the set.

The front wheel features a black Alchemy ELF front hub, laced with 24 black Sapim CX-Ray spokes to a Stan’s NoTubes ZTR 340 Alpha 355 gram clincher rim with Sapim black alloy nipples.

The rear wheel is made up of a black Alchemy ORC 28 hole hub, laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes 3 cross drive-side with black Sapim brass SILS nipples, 1X non-drive using alloy nipples to a 355 gram Stan’s NoTubes ZTR 340 Alpha clincher rim.

Stans NoTubes 340 and Alchemy