Nigel’s PowerTap Pro+ /KinLin XR270 rebuild

Nigel Ellsay toasted his KinLin XR-270 PowerTap Pro+ wheel, and needed it rebuilt. We laced on a new KinLin XR-270 rim for him and he was on his way to training with power.  He picked it up so quickly that there wasn’t a chance to snag a photo of it.


Nigel’s Tune 180/XR-270 rear wheel

Nigel, an accomplished junior roadie needed a new rear wheel.  He ordered the Tune 180 at clearance from FairWheelBikes. The Tune 180 is laced X2/X2 to the light and strong KinLin XR-270 27 mm niobium alloy rim using CX-Ray spokes and nipples.

Nigel's rear wheel


Emile’s Diablo SL wheelset

emileEmile de Rosnay is sponsored by ZED Wheels in 2011 and 2012 as a track racer. However, Emile is also an accomplished road racer and time trial specialist. Russ Hay’s Bike Shop provided him with a Kuota road bike for the season, but Emile wanted some lighter race wheels. Wheels light enough to take on the HC competitions. So, ZED Wheels graciously provided Emile a free set of Diablo SLs.  Emile put them to good use, winning a local hill climb competition and by year end had won the overall Victoria Cycling League race series.

Diablo SL


Dylan’s Alchemy/Stan’s NoTubes 340 wheelset

Dylan carrying two sacks of potatoes is still lighter than the average cyclist. He wanted an über light climbing wheelset that would match his climbing prowess.  At just 1265 grams for the set, these clearly did the job as just a few days after he picked them up, he won the Mt. Doug Hill-climb.

The front wheel features a black Alchemy ELF front hub, laced with 24 black Sapim CX-Ray spokes to a Stan’s NoTubes ZTR 340 Alpha 355 gram clincher rim with Sapim black alloy nipples.

The rear wheel is made up of a black Alchemy ORC 28 hole hub, laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes 3 cross drive-side with black Sapim brass SILS nipples, 1X non-drive using alloy nipples to a 355 gram Stan’s NoTubes ZTR 340 Alpha clincher rim.

Stans NoTubes 340 and Alchemy


Emile’s ENVE 1.65/ELF front track wheel

Zed WheelWorks sponsors Emile de Rosnay, a 38 year old elite track cyclist. Emile will race on the track in 2011 with this Enve 1.65 tubular rim laced radially with Sapim CX-Ray to an Alchemy ELF 24h 66 gram hub. Again, tire choice is the hand sewn Schwalbe Ultremo HT 22mm. On the track this wheel is paired to the previously built Enve 1.65/Phil Wood track wheel.  Emile will use this front wheel on the road and track (with a Zipp bolt-on skewer).

Watch for Emile at the BC Provincial Track championships.


Gavin’s CrossRock CX cyclocross wheelset

When Gavin saw that Zed Wheels was adding a 50mm carbon tubular wheelset for cyclocross racing, he couldn’t wait to order a set. They weigh in at just over 1400 grams per pair, with 24f/28r spoked with Sapim Laser and Wheelsmith DB-14 butted spokes, alloy nipples.  Gavin selected the excellent Challenge Fango 32mm tubular tyres.  ‘Cross season is soon upon us. Looking forward to seeing Gavin shake it up on this fall’s Cross on the Rock race series.