Rear Hurricane for Mark’s Marinoni

Mark puts on a lot of mileage. He recently blew out the rim of his rear wheel while on a club ride. The high mileage and winter road conditions finally did the wheel in. To replace it, Mark chose a Hurricane with Campagnolo freehub body. Mark has a set of Hurricane’s on his other road bike, and trusted this wheel for his Campy equipped Marinoni he principally uses for randonneurs.

The Hurricane wheel was in stock, but equipped with a rear hub for Shimano. A perk of the Superlight hubs on the Hurricane, Diablo and CrossRock lineup is that we can swap over to Campagnolo freehub very easily.

As I said, Mark puts on a lot of mileage, and so he demonstrated another benefit of the Hurricane wheelsets: he had worn out the ABEC 5 bearings and so it was time to press in a fresh set for his other bike. In went a fresh set of Enduro ABEC 5 bearings and his other Hurricane wheel is good as new. Not only are our wheels made to order, but they are fully serviceable as well – a consideration when selecting your next wheel set.



John’s custom C-4 wheelset

John wanted a nice race wheelset for his Kuota road bike. He was looking for something reasonably light, good quality and strong. After discussing his needs, we landed on this sweet 1430g wheelset. A 30mm niobium alloy rim rear, 27mm deep niobium alloy front. C-4 satin black hubs, made in the usa, laced with Sapim Lasers front radially, and Wheelsmith DB-14 2.0/1.7/2.0 drive-size  2-cross with Lasers non-drive, again 2x.

The red nipples will tie into his black/white/red Kuota.

If you’d like a wheelset like this one, head over to the Custom Wheels section, start with the KinLin rims to build up the front and rear wheels.