Josh’s Enve 65/Tune Mag 170 & Mig 70 wheelset

For the 2012 road racing season, Josh took advantage of the Pro City Racing road team pricing and purchased a Trek Madone team bike. For racing, he went with these custom ENVE 65 tubular wheelset. Features are:

  • Enve 65 tubular rims
  • Tune Mag 170 rear hub
  • Tune Mig 70 front hub
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Weight: 1170g

ENVE 65 & Tune



Jen’s Diablo SL All-Black

Jen, Pro City Sistas team member, selected the popular Diablo SL wheelset as a racing/training set. She chose the equally popular all-black look. At 1410g actual weight, these came in slightly under spec. Just in time for her stage racing in Bermuda.

Josh's Diablo SL


Erik’s ENVE 65/45 clincher wheelset

Erik, a cat 3 roadie racing on the Zed Wheels’ sponsored Pro City Racing road team, took advantage of team pricing on custom hand built ENVE wheel sets. He went with ENVE 65 clincher in the rear, with ENVE 45 clincher up front, standard white decals. The wheels really pop on his team bike, the red and white Trek Madone, supplied by the team’s sponsor and affiliated shop, Trek Store Victoria.

This is the second time Erik has purchased a hand built wheel set from Zed Wheels. His first set was the CrossRock CX 50mm asian carbon tubular with a Campagnolo freehub and gloss 3k weave finish.


Jamie’s custom Enve 3.4 wheelset

Jamie, the team captain of Pro City Racing road team, was quite excited about Zed Wheels sponsoring the team in partnership with Enve Composites. After going back and forth between the Enve 6.7s and the Enve 3.4s, he settled on the Enve 3.4s. He did some research and asked for a very lightweight straight-pull hub set from C-4. The front hub is a mere 42 grams, and features very small 688 hybrid ceramic bearings. They built up well, thanks mostly to the quality of the Enve rims. Enve is one of the few rims that you can easily get the tension absolutely even without compromising roundness or trueness at all.

Jamie also ordered an Enve handlebar and stem from Zed Wheels. The Enve handlebar is absolutely gorgeous and stiff and a fantastic shape with the shallow drop. The stem is very solid and stiff for the weight.

These wheels are quite light at 1120g.