Emile de Rosnay

These Diablo SL wheels are fantastic. You can feel the difference when climbing — they are so responsive and there’s less bike to hike up the hills. Brad also built them to my particular needs: I am on the heavier side and am a power rider, so he chose a different, stronger spoke configuration without sacrificing weight. But the best thing about the wheels? You can service them!


Ryder Hesjedal Homecoming

Today, the Mayor of Victoria, Dean Fortin proudly declared August 10th Ryder Hesjedal Day! This declaration was just some of the gratitude expressed by the city during the Ryder Hesjedal Homecoming Festival. Zed Wheel’s sponsored ProCityRacing road team, along with other local racing and riding clubs were asked to participate in the Ryder Hesjedal Homecoming parade, a bicycle caravan from the Marriot Hotel in downtown Victoria to the Centennial Square at Victoria City Hall. The day was sunny and warm and everyone cheered as Ryder was escorted to City Hall. The parade rolled out at 3:30pm and worked its way up Government Street then left onto Pandora to the Centennial Square, where CTV and other media were waiting for Ryder, his wife and parents to arrive.

CTV’s coverage of Hesjedal’s welcome home is found here



Oh so close!


This was likely the closest I’ve ever come in a sprint on or off the track. This was the first sprint of a points race, part of Trackfest II, at the Commonwealth Legacy Velodrome in the Westshore community. I was bested by an inch or so by veteran track racer Charles Durrant. Chuck is pretty savvy, and I usually watch what he’s up to in any race. He can sprint. The next points sprint, I made sure to win by a few lengths. But I paid for that effort, dropping off when an attack surged just after the sprint. I ended the race in 5th place with 8 points.