Brent’s ENVE SES 45/Tune build

As I posted earlier, Brent had a set of Hadley disc hubs built onto two rear ENVE SES 3.4 clincher rims, the 45mm tall rear version, 24h. He figured they’d do him better on his road bike so asked ZED to build the rims onto Tune Mig 70 front (72g) and Mag 170 rear 11 speed Shimano/SRAM (174g) hubs with CX-Ray spokes. This is the result. A sub 1450g clincher wheelset ready to roll on his road bike, saving the Hadley/Pacenti SL25 disc build for his gravel bike.


  • ENVE SES 3.4 rear (45mm deep) x 2 24 hole.
  • Tune Mig 70/Mag 170 hub set. 11 speed Shimano/SRAM
  • Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

A nice a setup and rare given the use of two rear rims and matching 24 count spokes front and rear.


Brent’s Hadley/Pacenti SL25 Disc wheelset

Brent had a pretty cool set of custom built ENVE 3.4 45mm rear rims 24h, laced to made in the USA Hadley disc hubs. Front and rear, 24 holes. He found the ENVE’s would be better utilized on his road bike and asked ZED to build put the Hadley hubs on some disc rims and build up the ENVE 3.4 rear rims onto Tune hubs for his road bike.

The Pacenti SL25 is the disc-specific version of the popular and high quality Pacenti SL23 rim. At about 456grams per, at 24 hole drillings, they are decently light without being stupid light.

This was my first build using Hadley hubs. For a boutique USA made hub there isn’t really anything outstanding, in my opinion. The hubs have no outstanding redeeming features, and a rather overly complicate preload locking system requiring proprietary tooling.  I’d personally stick with the affordable and configurable Hope Pro 2 EVO hubs.  Nevertheless, this is what Brent had and so it made sense to make use of them.