Warranty Replacement Offer for failed Pacenti SL23 rims:

Here’s my offer: Since Pacenti will no longer warranty his failing SL23 rims, neither can I. I don’t mean to be harsh, but:

  1. I did not design or manufacture these rims, Pacenti did.
  2. I no longer deal in retail and have closed Zed Wheel Works. I only continue to build wheels as a custom service through Broad Street Cycles.
  3. Pacenti needs to hear directly from you. He needs to know that not honouring providing warranty of failed version 1 rims when its design was known to have a durability issue.

However, don’t expect this issue to apply to other Pacenti models, such as the SL25; it doesn’t in my experience.

If you are unsatisfied then I suggest contacing Pacenti. Provide your concerns about his failing to honour his warranty along with the rim’s serial number and purchase date. I can’t warranty these rims at my cost.

The Replacement Offer: Take your failed wheel to Broad Street Cycles, and ask for it to be repaired using  a similar rim,  from another brand, such as HED Belgium C2, H Plus Son Archetype or  Kinlin XR31T.  You’ll pay for the rim and spokes,  but I will rebuild the wheel for you at a 30% discount on ‘zed wheel build’ labour.  That’s the best I can do.

This offer is good until December 31, 2016.


2 thoughts on “Replacement Program for failed Pacenti SL23 rims

  1. Hi Kirk, fantastic. I have suggested to those that want to continue using the Pacenti SL23 to contact Pacenti directly. I am no longer in the business of retailing wheels. If they don’t have their original receipt, I can provide a copy to them. On a plus, the TL28 and the SL25 have been fantastic rims, zero issues.

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