Brian B.

Pacenti SL23v2/Tune wheels:

Just did my second day on the wheels.

100% pleased.

Braking surface works extremely well.

I just set PR’s on almost every segment I rode today so it’s gotta be the

wheels. (plus my incentive to climb the ladder on sranks)

Thanks again.




Custom DT350/Archetype wheel set:

Hey Brad,

As expected I’m real happy with these wheels both product wise and build quality. I probably have 750km on them now.

Thanks a lot


Emile de Rosnay

These Diablo SL wheels are fantastic. You can feel the difference when climbing — they are so responsive and there’s less bike to hike up the hills. Brad also built them to my particular needs: I am on the heavier side and am a power rider, so he chose a different, stronger spoke configuration without sacrificing weight. But the best thing about the wheels? You can service them!